Frank Ma

Assistant President, GM International of Tsingtao Brewery Company

“I chose Wash-U/Fudan EMBA program for one obvious reason: its global perspective blended with local insights. Being one of the most recognized Chinese consumer brands worldwide, Tsingtao Beer sees the challenges of growing in the ever-complicating overseas markets while fortifying the domestic China market. I joined the program in a hope that it will sharpen my knowledge in strategic thinking and supply chain, marketing management, and cross-culture team leading. The next 18 months, to my most satisfaction, had been all about quenching my cravings in these areas. The professor bring in knowledge, then the classmates amplify it with their unique experiences and experiences. My background with a China based company while brands being marketed and distributed globally resonates incredibly well with those who work with MNCs. I believe as the globalization deepens in every possible way, Chinese brands like Tsingtao Beer will keep leveraging best global practices, and their leaders will better understand how to lead with common management language world-wide.”

2014 Class 13

Egor Pereverzev

Managing Director
EKF Group (China)

“The Washington University - Fudan University EMBA program combines rigorous learning and knowledge-sharing process with analytical depth and experience of unprecedented dynamics of modern business life. It gives you everything you need to lead with confidence. Both globally and in China in particular.”

2014 Class 13

Lily Dong

Vice President
Business Unit GI at AstraZeneca

“Sophisticated and comprehensive course of the Washington University-Fudan University EMBA has allowed me to build a strong foundation of knowledge toward moving up to a more consolidated position within the management team in the company. The interactions with those international acclaimed professors from USA and my outstanding classmates have stimulated my enthusiasm toward the course and fostered my passion toward the study. The gift of the course is beyond my expectation. The course itself is definitely a valuable investment and discovery of our ego.”

2013 Class 12

Kenny Chen

General Manager
EMC Shanghai Center of Excellence

“The Washington University -Fudan University EMBA program broadened my eyesight from a pure R&D leader to a true business leader.   The rigorous and broad curriculum helps leaders in China to build up the global mindset which is critical to people like me who are working in a MNC.  My classmates from Class 12 are becoming my lifelong friends; partners and mentors.  It’s one of the most precious assets I gained from the program.

2013 Class 12

Guy R A Mills

Manulife International Limited

“As a CEO that had come up from technical and function roles in a large multi-national, I found the Washington University - Fudan University EMBA program provided me with actionable skills to manage my business and, importantly, significantly enhance my strategic thinking capabilities to help me lead my organization and create value for the future. As a foreign executive I found the program structure coupled with interactions with my classmates very effective in enhancing the interpersonal skills I needed to successfully lead an enterprise in the China market.”

2012 Class 11

Thomas Cheong

Global Vice President & Head of North Asia, Principal Financial Group

“The Washing University-Fudan University EMBA program helps me recharged, and equipped with new skills for bigger roles in the second half of my career. The academic rigor, and exploring subject matters from both international and Chinese perspectives were important learning attributes I sought.”

2011 Class 10

Michael Lam

Managing Director, China
British Standards Institution

"I am very glad I made the decision enrolling into the WUSTL-Fudan EMBA program, it allowed me to learn comprehensive knowledge necessary for being a leader in global context, it polished my skills and most importantly, provided me with great opportunities to interact with elite professors and leaders worldwide, the 18 months was nothing but truly a fruitful and enjoyable experience, the confidence it brings to the students is solid and is something a leader would need in order to face the challenging business world"

2010 Class 9

Laurent Tournier

Deputy General Manager,
Chief Operating Officer, ABC-CA Fund Management Company

“I learned from both the professors and the students because the sharing of knowledge was both up and down and lateral. This fluid exchange of ideas greatly enriched the program experience. It encouraged me to consider the issues from different perspectives, as is often the case in our business lives”

2009 Class 8

Park Chull Soo

Executive Director, Procument & Logistics Oriental Brewery Co., Ltd

“Getting through this great program allowed me to strengthen my business leadership in the global arena and give me great opportunities to build my local network and sharpen my business acumen for further growth and success.”

2008 Class 7

Henri-James Tieleman

Co-Founder, CEO, EcoloBlue Life & Energy

"Having a Dutch and an Italian background and now residing and working in USA, I could have earned an EMBA in any elite university in Europe or the USA. However, I opted to travel every month to Shanghai for my EMBA studies because I believe that to fully understand the Chinese emerging market, in order to fully understand the Chinese emerging market; It is important to work with high caliber Chinese Directors, to analyze and discuss how to solve the complex challenges of today.

For these particular reasons, I was keen to find the right program that would meet the criteria while giving me a world class EMBA and stimulating my thinking process. The Washington University-Fudan University EMBA Program offered all of these aspects, and has delivered much more than what I was expecting. To say the least, the program has been ideal for me as a student, professional and person, and has increased my global business experience and raised it to a completely different level. I simply don’t believe that I could have achieved all of this through an EMBA program in Europe or in the US.”

2007 Class 6

Weiwen Wang

General Counsel, Asia International Paper

“The Breadth of the program gave me the business knowledge and overall perspective I wanted in order to serve as a better business partner to my clients.”

2007 Class 6

Keith Choy

Regional General Manager, China and Hong Kong
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

"The experience sharing among the classmates has been the most meaningful part of the program for me.  Its small team structure is organized around each teammate’s professional background. Coming from the sales and marketing field, I find it very refreshing to hear the perspectives of other functional executives to broaden my scope of strategic thinking.  If I have only one word to describe the student profile of this program it would be “glocal,” which is a mix of the words global and local.  The program has the right mix of global and local directors to learn from each other."

2006 Class 5

Simon Guo

Vice President, CEO, China

"My previous knowledge and experience have been greatly upgraded and refined after 18 months of study in the program. I have much more confidence in my skills and a much deeper understanding of what it takes to be an international commercial leader. My study in the program has definitely given me a more solid base for advancing my career as a global executive. "

2006 Class 5

Kebao Yang

Chairman & General Manager Caterpillar (Qingzhou) Co., Ltd.

“I chose the Washington University-Fudan University EMBA program because its positioning---the best-trained and best-connected general managers in China---matched well with my personal objectives. I also wanted to be part of a program that is here to stay in China. Washington University is a top school in the US and Fudan University is a top school in China. Together they have what it takes to succeed. I know that in five years I won’t have to regret choosing the program because it has ceased to operate or hasn’t achieved its potential. They put a great deal of effort into managing their joint venture, carefully selecting great students and faculty members, and then creating learning and networking opportunities for the students and alumni.”

2004 Class 3

Minyi Du

Executive Director
Shanghai DYS Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

"I treasure the memories of the time that we all spent together... meeting you all every month for 18 months and all of the wonderful professors. Time just flew by! I‘ll always be grateful for the help and support you gave me as class president. This is the best EMBA program in China and I look forward to watching its continuing success for many, many years to come. I wish all of you and your families a happy life and good health!"

2004 Class 3